When you want to hang with your friends but their choice of activity crushes your desire to be social and makes you lonely or blue.
I was invited over to Curtis and Evan's to watch a movie, but upon hearing that they were watching a mediocre surfer movie from 2002, I was struck with a blue crush.
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When you have a crush on someone but it makes you sad cause you know that person will never like you back in the same way.
Man look at Megan, it really is a blue crush.
by guy July 1, 2004
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a really kool movie about three surfers. But one of the girls wants to go pro and when shes gettin ready to go to pipematers she falls for this football player.
1: Have you seen Blue Crush?
2: Yeah its a really kool movie!
by Ginger April 10, 2004
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When you jerk off a guy and RIGHT before he cums, you punch him in the nutsack.
Sally: How did your date with Glen go last night?
Fiona: Not well. I ended up giving him a Blue Crush in his car.
Sally: Brutal! What made you do THAT?

Fiona: Fuck that! He called me Rhonda!
Sally: Oh, then well deserved.
by PistolG July 21, 2014
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