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The post-sex shorts or undies a woman sports around all day after her man has cum inside her.
Opal: Why are you fidgeting with your crotch?
Jillian: These underwear are so soggy. They are making me uncomfortable.
Opal: Gross. Why are your underwear wet, Opal? Are you super sweaty or did you just pee yourself again?
Jillian: No, I let Boss Barry fuck me without a rubber and he didn't pull out! Now I am left wearing these damn Semen Shorts for the rest of my shift.
Opal: (Silence) You probably shouldn't be fucking the boss at work, y'know?
by PistolG October 9, 2014
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When you jerk off a guy and RIGHT before he cums, you punch him in the nutsack.
Sally: How did your date with Glen go last night?
Fiona: Not well. I ended up giving him a Blue Crush in his car.
Sally: Brutal! What made you do THAT?

Fiona: Fuck that! He called me Rhonda!
Sally: Oh, then well deserved.
by PistolG July 21, 2014
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An effective jab towards a man when he is behaving in an obviously less than masculine manner. This term is far more insulting than "douchebag".
*Disclaimer: Someone really needs to earn this title. No willy-nilly usage, please.
Teddy: "Did you see that shirtless, Italian guy cruising in his convertible Mitsubishi Spyder while blasting Rihanna? What a cunt swab, right?"

Iris: "Absolutely. Textbook definition."
by PistolG September 13, 2014
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