Someone who really tries to accomplishes something, but is just confused. They almost reach their goal but in reality they just end up fucking it up. Its a nice way of saying, "fuck up".

The origin came from some guy who really fucked up at something and they always wore blue shoes.
Congrats this year's blue shoe award goes to you! You almost had it but you fucked up!
by wshwzrd05 March 21, 2011
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1. In the Halo games, to stick someone with a plasma grenade, usually on the foot. The term comes from the grenades' blue color.

2. It also refers to someone who has had this done to them.
"Aw, man, that's the third time in a row I've been blue shoed!"

"Take that, ya dirty little blue shoe!"
by Safrianna November 17, 2007
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Blue shoes is a major sign of having a foot fetish. If someone you know wears blue shoes there is a 99% chance they want to suck your toes.
“Wow Kyle is wearing blue shoes he must have a foot fetish.”
“Dude my friend told me he had a foot fetish last night, I should have known, he wears blue shoes.”
by Tytheguy81 June 3, 2021
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Tooshort4's amazing song, DJMO loves it.
Tooshort has a big blue shoeee...
by Random April 17, 2005
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the blue shoe bandit is a scrawny dwarf that usually runs around stealing little boys shoes while screaming the phrase "look it up." he thinks he is smart for telling people to google things that he knows because he googled them before they did. his weaknesses include clowns, ghosts, and articles criticizing tom brady.
Bobby: Watch out it's the blue shoe bandit!

Blue Shoe Bandit: LOOK IT UP! LOOK IT UP!

Bobby: *shows a negative Tom Brady article*

by ricky_real_rich January 8, 2019
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This word is used in a conversion with a person, who is not really lessening to you. Has no real meaning. Will get the attention of the person you are talking to. Ex..... So yesterday I was at work and the press stopped running, we called the camel with two blue shoes over to fix it but he didn't have the right tools.
when we got back from Florida the tank was empty, I can't believe how much gas we used on that trip. but boy let me tell you about the camel with two blue shoes, we really did have a good time.
by icee February 10, 2014
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