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A public toilet, so-named because of the color of its water, which has a blue hue due to the use of a disinfectant product which is released with every flush. (Also, coincidentally -- and appropriately, the title of a Brooke Shields movie.)
Gas Station Manager:

"Goddamit, Zeke. That last fat bastard who pulled in here left a big ol' stinkin' turd floatin' in the blue lagoon. Son-of-a-bitch won't flush. Now get in there and fish it out."

Gas Station Attendant:

"Fuck you. I quit."
by Robert T. Calhoun January 20, 2006
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When several people all stand in a circle or something, in a public pool (or any body of water) and urinate simultaneously.
Those drunk guys over there are doing a blue lagoon in Bradley's pool!
by Brendansh132213123 August 01, 2010
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When a woman sees a older mans erection and jumps on it, straddling his wheelchair. When the man starts choking, she hits the back of his head with a walking stick, thus ejaculating viagra from his mouth. She pisses in his lap, creating a blue lagoon.
Why's old Jim wet through? Oh, Maureen just gave him a Blue lagoon
by Angrier MacArtnee October 14, 2010
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While having sex standing doggystyle inside of a porta-potty, you pull out and put it in her ass, while simotaniously dunking her head in the blue poo water.
Umberto gave a girl the Blue Lagoon at the fair.
by Matt Ensminger June 16, 2008
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When a women takes laxatives before engaging in anal, spraying poop on the wall.
David: Hey Todd, how can I show Lisa how much I love her?
Todd: give her a blue lagoon!
by November 06, 2018
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