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Cocaine, Blow, Powder, Yayo, Coke, Another slang term for cocaine.
Lets do a rail of Blowski!
by teambud13 January 26, 2007
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Your Mom's a great gal. I gave her a ride to her job at Micky D's last week and she gave me a great blowski in the parking lot. She looked up with cum all over her chin and said 'did you want fries with that?'. Like I said, she's a great gal.
by Anonymous November 08, 2002
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apparently, my brother mike was getting this blowski from a girl until he found out she had HIV. so i had to cover for him until the tests came back
by .Mario May 23, 2006
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a blowski is a definition for gobble ya know dick-sucking
fucking hell yesturday i got my first bastard blowski
fuck's sake man how did it go
it was bollocks cause i got one from a cunting man
LMGO you fucking bozo twat you suck donkey dick
kiss my nadsack bitch you little fucking bummer you take it up the chuff
kiss my goolies in all foreskin licker
i was taking the piss
i don't give a fucking rat's arse i wasn't
by Jackroll April 01, 2006
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A friend whom you exchange oral sex with for pleasure or in some cases to satisfy a secret homosexual urge

A friend with whom you do cocain

A friend who you give oral sex to in exchange for cocain

Note: can be any combination of the three definitions
Me and ___ blew eachother yesterday but were not a thing, were just blowskis.

Me and my blowskis did cocain last night, just like every other night

I asked my blowski if he could hook me up eith some cocain in exchange for some dome
by Joecas July 23, 2015
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