When you are utterly disgusted and/or in disbelief you put your lips together and expel wind from your pursed lips making a quasi flatulence noise to demonstrate how you feel about what you just heard/ witnessed.
William: "So I totally banged this ten last night, Giselle quality, if not hotter, seriously"
Michael (blowing wind): "phhhhhhhh! ya right, there's no way you could pull that off......."
by wsimmo January 23, 2009
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to give me a cheap thrill that is not genuine, e.g. by flattering me or telling me something you think I want to hear
"Stop trying to blow wind up my skirt." "I really think you are amazing at this. I'm not just blowing wind up your skirt." "That doesn't blow wind up my skirt." (that doesn't really thrill me)
by wfk1961 August 20, 2015
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Pretty much anything to do with your ass or butt. The place where farts(as in breaking wind) come from.
Junior needs a kick where the wind blows before he gets himself into some serious trouble.
Did you see where the wind blows on that chick? IIt was tornadic
by WizardofWordsLoverofLetters April 01, 2017
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Having a proximity criminal from the offending party of past pick up in a way of subtle stalking.
Given the fact the velocity of the air currents is for ever changing so enters in the SPOTLIGHT a 606 unethicality kicked out of the the parallel EL DORADO as the electric light failure has busted some yahoo stalking from EL DORADO but a 606 connect to a number 14 linear sling neighbor who despises detectives and any line of questioning but buying a new comb and losing it in the restroom is endemic to WIND BLOWING which as you see is buried deep into the phony identity superimposition where resolvemrnt comes from an arrest of the physical ID but in particular PRIME ASSHOLE gift card violation of spending an unspendable proprietary $159 GIFT CARD exacted by the ASSHOLE in the FIRST GIFT CARD of 64:with a SECURITY BALANCE of 750 .PANG IT.
by NEW BISEXUALITY April 19, 2021
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