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1.n. Someone who illustrates extreme stupidity.

2.n. A sphere which has been increased in surface area and volume by being filled with a material substance, such as a balloon filled with air.

3.n. The state of being a homosexual or prostitute who sexually stimulates the testicles of another orally.
"Joe is such a blowball!"

"That blowball is filled with helium."

"Hey blowball, lick my testicles!"
by Carlos April 17, 2004
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1. A round, fluffy plant seed head, such as a dandelion clock.
2. An essentially meaningless insult which nonetheless sounds vulgar enough to be evocative.
"There is a blowball on the dandelion."
"You locked the keys in the house, you absolute blowball."
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by Punch Dagger of Serenity June 16, 2018
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1. verb. To use a blowdrier on one's scrotum so that it sags to its maximum length and then, whence the scrotum is fully sagged, is then slapped across the face of some poor soul. Is often used in situations similar to "tea-bagging."
"Dude, I totally tackled this nerd in intramural, flag football and proceeded to blowball him in front of his gf. He can't look her in the eye anymore. It was rad"
by TotallyNotTheDoiler July 14, 2018
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