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An insult intended to equate disagreeing with a reactionary with weakness. The logic involved is something like "everyone who disagrees with me must be a tofu-eating vegetarian, and that's unmanly," often with some baseless fear-based pseudoscience about phytoestrogens tacked on after the fact. Ironically often spewed by users of nootropic pills that contain soy (and clearly aren't helping); rarely takes into account the fact that soy is a common allergen.
Reactionary: "Disagreeing with me? What are you, a soy boy?"
Rational Person: "I'm allergic to soy, and it's called paying attention. And what's the first ingredient in those BranePowah™ pills you shill, again?"
by Punch Dagger of Serenity July 30, 2022
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Someone who, for reasons of personal principle, follows a strict vegetarian diet and boycotts wool, silk, leather, and sometimes zoos. Does not require one to be affluent, to humble-brag, or to be contemptuous of and faux-horrified at everyone who's not a vegan; is nonetheless correlated with all of the above.
"I have mixed feelings on vegans; it seems like either they teach you how to bake without using eggs, or they say that you should be skinned alive for wearing shearling."
by Punch Dagger of Serenity August 4, 2019
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1) The vaginal entrance.
2) A shining example of why vegans get a bad rap.
Ew, I got sand up my v-hole at the nude beach!
That v-hole Gary showed up uninvited to the barbecue to spout threats and try to squick people.
by Punch Dagger of Serenity August 2, 2019
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A cat that's either solid black or very close to it (a black cat with a splash of white on his tummy is a pamfer; a tuxedo cat is not). Derived from "panther," due to many black cats' resemblance to melanistic leopards or jaguars on a smaller scale.
There are three tabbies, a calico, and two little pamfers in this litter of kittens.
by Punch Dagger of Serenity August 17, 2023
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1. A round, fluffy plant seed head, such as a dandelion clock.
2. An essentially meaningless insult which nonetheless sounds vulgar enough to be evocative.
"There is a blowball on the dandelion."
"You locked the keys in the house, you absolute blowball."
by Punch Dagger of Serenity June 14, 2018
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