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1. Move away from blogging
2. To delete one's blog post or entry
1. It's my blog off tomorrow so don't wait for a new post.
2. The boss wanted to sell his product online but later blogged off.
by timlight January 28, 2010
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1.)The act of entering information in a blog format, on the world wide web, for the entertainment, enjoyment & irritation of others. Ie: "mental dumping" (Blogging Off)
Jim: "Hey Sally, what's going on?"

Sally: "Nothing Jim, just Blogging Off. What are you up to later?"

Jim: "Mmmm, I may Blog Off too."
by Gidget Bunny April 13, 2010
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when two or more bloggers battle head to head in an intense fury of literary rage. The winner is the last one to comment. The loser usually cries.
After a passionate argument about the mating rituals of waterbirds, Teddy challenged Samantha to a competitive blog-off.
by Drew Allan March 18, 2008
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To blog off means to surf the internet in a way that is socially innapropriate, such as: at your friends wedding reception, at work, immediately after the sexual act, or at a keg party.
"say Jesse, is it OK if I go to your room and blog-off, I'm expecting some hits back about my resume?"
"uh, maybe once we're all done singing happy birthday, asshole"
by BettyHer April 21, 2008
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