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1. an extremely amazing girl who brightens anyone's day.
2. a girl who could give any guy a blow job.
3. a bargain shopper who looks fabulous
4. a zany comeback that leaves everyone laughing
5. a girl who never wears pants
"that blodgett girl just told me my necklace was cute, i'm not gonna kill myself"

"today? i'm booked up until 11"

"Did you see blodgett's scarf? she got it for a buck!"

"mo money mo bitches."

"Blodgett, the last time you wore pants was ....holyfuck... is it breezy?"
by her best friend March 15, 2008
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Drunken Santa Claus with no presents except magic markers he gets high off of. Usually found mumbling with a cup of coffee in hand possibly containing whiskey. Face is bright red with the glow of early morning binge drinking. He's wondering whether and eiffin you are coming to class anytime soon. Weeet a meenute ooookie.
That guy just confused the shit out of me like a total blodgett.
He just blodgeted his way through that presentation and alls I heard was fuckin' mumblin'.

Oh shit it's the blodge hide the beer.
He just completely blodgetized me I couldn't understand if that was a formula or a stroke.
by thehawksfriend May 27, 2010
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This word can be used as an adjective or an adverb or even a noun for whatever you need it to mean.
That guy was a real Blodgett!

Blodgettism is a condition a person can get from crushing cans.

We have many Blodgetts popping up in town.

I gave her the blodgett last night!
by ricky rocket September 23, 2010
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The layer of skin that is located opposite both the knee and the elbow.
I have a huge bruise on my blodgett.

I just sweeped his blodgett to take him down.
by Ender527 February 17, 2011
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