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6 definitions by thehawksfriend

A large guy possibly insane, who scats like a hawk every begawk he gets. Usually seen CUCKAWWING in hallways. He may be seen surrounded by empty beer bottles in a pool of alcohol. Possibly arguing in confined spaces with certain counterparts.
Did you hear that scathawk cuckaw? I think he begawked.

Are you saying the Scatman is really a Scathawk in disguise ?

Did you see that Scathawk pound that pussy?

I heard he begawks right before he cuckaws, he must be a scathawk.
by thehawksfriend May 29, 2010
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A six or twelve pack brought to a gathering by a Scathawk. The Scathawk will abandon all alcohol at the first sign of pussy. This beer becomes a Scatpack because it is drank by everyone but the Scathawk.
Q: Holy shit where did this beer come from ?
A: That's the Scatpack the Scathawk left for us.

Q: Who's beer is this ?
A: Not mine, no way, not this guy, It's not my Scatpack.
by thehawksfriend June 17, 2010
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An ATOMIC CLOCK is a device that is the same fucking thing as any type of timer that has ever existed. The same thing that is on a nuclear submarine is also on your wristwatch.
Holy shit that scathawk just shit an ATOMIC CLOCK!
by thehawksfriend May 29, 2010
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A berryman is a guy who is way too cool for anyone and makes anything sound unimportant. He is short in stature possibly middle aged and concealing water pipes with thai hashish. He loves large boats with only seamen and tons of flags. He may speak of a hard-on or saturation, he is well versed in SWAG.
Wow can you just give me the berryman, I don't really need to know what happened.
by thehawksfriend May 28, 2010
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Drunken Santa Claus with no presents except magic markers he gets high off of. Usually found mumbling with a cup of coffee in hand possibly containing whiskey. Face is bright red with the glow of early morning binge drinking. He's wondering whether and eiffin you are coming to class anytime soon. Weeet a meenute ooookie.
That guy just confused the shit out of me like a total blodgett.
He just blodgeted his way through that presentation and alls I heard was fuckin' mumblin'.

Oh shit it's the blodge hide the beer.
He just completely blodgetized me I couldn't understand if that was a formula or a stroke.
by thehawksfriend May 28, 2010
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This is the answer a SCATHAWK may begock at the first sign of a question.
How many fingers am I holding up ? ans. = .707

What is the ATOMIC CLOCK based on ? ans. = .707
by thehawksfriend May 29, 2010
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