A girl who has no ass at all.

Just extremely flat. Like a person with no eyes cant see and is blind, she doesn't have anything you can see and is blind.

What Sir-Mix-ALot doesn't want.

"When a girl walks in with a not so itty bitty waist
And a nothing in your face
You don't get sprung"
"Ooooo, that girl is blind!" - DC H.A.N.

"I don't see anything, she's blind!" -The Rescuer

"She got a donk, naa, she blind." - OKT

by The Realest Friend May 13, 2011
an expression which describes a situation where there is confusion or lack of direction.
"ever since that company got new management, it's been like the blind leading the blind over there."
by Bungalow Bill June 14, 2007
1. When a part of your eye no longer works so all you see is black, black, and more black.
2. When your eye-sight is really, really, really low.

It is O.K. to make fun of blind people on this site because they cannot read what we're writing, however I would advise you strongly not to do that.
1. I'd rather be deaf than blind.
2. My eye-sight was 200/20 so I was blind.
by dref said right June 9, 2004
To be heavily under the influence of alcohol and being in a black out unresponsive state.
"Dude I bottled Caspar last night at the train station , i was so Blind."

"Did you hear about Huddo? He was so blind and pissed his mums bed"
by jonjoshelvey10 August 8, 2019
The disability of one where one can not see visual images happening in the real world.
It's really a good thing we have Braille, you know?
If you can read this, you're probably not blind.
by Smith dux Wurd July 14, 2017
there's always a can of 7up next to them
This 7up taste good next to these blinds
by olex2 September 18, 2018