To get so intoxicated that you can hardly see. Usually chanted by lads between midday and 3 O'Clock on a match day!
Let's get blind, Let's get blind, Let's get blind!
by Marvo June 22, 2005
blinding-as in it is so spectacular -like a star or the sun
'That film was blinding'
by joeydelight February 19, 2010
Being so stoned that you're unaware of your surroundings; Being under the influence of large ammounts of weed, pot, or marijuana; Also, see high, blazed, baked,blitzed.
I smoked so much weed that I was blinded. I didn't even know my name. It was fucking awesome!
by Lady smokesalot August 17, 2008
Homer was blind when he arrived on Ios, so was I.
by Father Billy April 12, 2004
Blinded - A nickname for people who sounds like a walmart version of CORPSE Husband
by TheFrostyBacon June 5, 2021
Going by the way something seems and not what's actually possible. Unable to see what is right in front of you because of pre-existing thoughts or ideas you may have. 2Pac used this word a lot.
Perhaps I was blind to the facts, stabbed in the back/
and in my mind I'm a blind man doin time/
we took a minus, and now the hard times are behind us, turned to a plus, now we stuck, livin blinded/ - 2Pac

by dudubrown November 4, 2006
1: Pubic hair around the vagina that hides the actual lips, making them camouflaged.
I wanted to hit that, but couldn't see past her blinds.
by J.M. Spliz November 12, 2007