Blind is a turn often used to describe the visually impaired yet has a true meaning lost in translation...
A person who needs glasses to see is the purest form of blindness. Nobody understands their pain because they assume the glasses help them see just a little bit clearer when in reality, no matter nearsightedness or farsightedness, the accumulating blur that becomes your vision over the years of letting your eyes use bifocals as a crutch becomes humiliating. The slight wrongness of your sight is like having a popcorn kernel stuck up your a- I mean, in your teeth. And when fate leads you to be unable to fix a slight irritation, either by a scratch on your lenses or the way you look without your glasses on!...that is true blindness.
Fabio: "Dude have you seen my glasses? I can't see anything, I'm blind."

Todd: "I thought you were nearsighted...?"
Fabio: "Don't fucking bully me my pain is far greater than any of your peasant mind can handle!"
Todd: "Ok, good point. Your glasses are on your head."

Fabio: *screams of pain*
by ecstasiesofnonsense July 10, 2020
If u in love that mean u blind.
yo that niggaz blind, he can't see that she fuckin other mutha fuckaz
by Weef Dizzo March 31, 2005
When you go on a blind date with a blind person who blinds you.
Did you see Shelly? Where are her eyes?
She went on a Blind Blind Blind date yesterday, she lost them.
by Word Authority of USA June 4, 2022
After excessive masturbation you may become 'blind'
This one time at band camp, my friend masturbated for 10 hrs and after that he became blind
by G i L October 14, 2003
Marinette: *confesses to Adrien*

Adrien: I like you to Marinette your such a good friend

That's an Example of being Blind
by edsheeranobsessed June 27, 2021
We walked into the party and everyone was already all blind.
by dfunk March 17, 2008
When somebody has no clue how to do something and offers someone else some help.
Jimmy"hey kim, can I help you re-install windows?"

kim: "you don't know how to install windows! That would be like the blind leading the blind."
by thenastybutler February 4, 2010