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Possibly the most amazing person you will ever meet. Usually fitting the 'Prince Charming' Calliber, Usually incredibley aesthetically pleasing. Even though Caspar's often go through difficult period's they still come out right minded.
If you have a Caspar, He's a Keeper.
'look at him'
'mmmm, i'd smack that, tap that and possbley even bang that,'
'i bet his name is Caspar'
'I bet it is, i bet it is'
by hermayah March 22, 2009
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Caspar is a person with a huge 10 inch wily which he shoves in the fittest girls ever

Any girl who gets near him gets a tingle in their fanny because they want his 10 inch wily to penetrate though that lobe of skin
Omg, is that a Caspar?
Yes ik it's amazing
Yum yum
by Louise King February 01, 2017
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A god clothed in human skin. Anyone named Caspar will pillage your village and rape your wife.
Oh, I want to fuck Caspar.
by Tastymanapua June 09, 2018
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caspar will rape you so hard that your vigina will go out your ass if you ever see one don't get too close but you will get horny because of his rape face and also don't let your grandma near him because he will rape her tooo
grandma there's a Caspar over there

yes I haven't had sex in 50 years
via giphy
by giveanal May 12, 2018
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The name means old sorry man, deriving from ancient roman culture. The name can also mean "the great king" or just "king", but it`s true meaning is taken from a sick, old man who was followed only by bad luck, and later became an outcast from society. He was named Caspar, from the Latin words "cas", meaning old, and "par" meaning "unfortunate". Later on the king of Rome was named Caspar, but when he found out what his name truly meant, he changed its meaning to the "great, noble king", as many still believe is what the name originaly means.
"I am sick, and unfortunate. I have been named Caspar by my people. I am alone, and I am tired".

-Caspar the Outcast
by David Narrow November 17, 2007
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A really gay liar who pretends that their father makes millions of dollars a year. Usually gropes people with penises and shows off. Stay away
Wow, Caspar really squeezed his balls
by Fat chubby icecream March 14, 2019
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