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Blidge is a (presumably) made-up word that the Thievery Corporation used a song called "Lebanese Blonde."

In the first verse, the lyric is "the clouds drifting through the blinds"; in a later verse, words and phrases are replaced with others that are phonetically similar, and the lyric becomes "the clouds drifting through the blidge."
Now I can hear the sound, the clouds drifting through the blidge.
by David March 01, 2005
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Slang Verb/adjective/noun being used to replace any other verb/noun/adjective in a given sentence. First used in St Jerome and recently expanded to the greater Montreal area .
You're so blidge.

I'm blidging you.

I've never realized how much of a Blidge you were.
by 201320122011pro September 21, 2011
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A word to describe someone who is belligerently drunk or acting crazy. Also used to describe someone who is a bitch or hoe.
Wow that chick is so blidge, shes dancing naked on the pool table.

What a blidge, she just dropped all our food.
by DLevy June 25, 2006
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