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Long before the playstation emulator of the same name, this word was coined by a member of our group to refer to the state of being under the influence of the esteemed hallucinogen LSD-25 or other similar hallucinogens such as psilocibin mushrooms.

It was humorously uttered as a description of his state while being under the influence of this powerful hallucinogen, and for some reason everyone present who heard it found it uproariously amusing and worth repeating.

not sure what, if any, this has to do with the origin of the name of the playstation emulator by the same name; our usage dates back to the late 1980's in the north side neighborhood of Rogers Park, Chicago.

synonyms at tripping bleeming bleemin, see also acidhead, acid, as well as shrooming
Yo man, I am totally bleeming!
by vincent black shadow March 06, 2005
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bleem! was an emulator that emulated PlayStation games. There was also bleemcast! (bleem! for the dreamcast).
Are you playing on bleem!?
wait bleem!'s dead
by VukAnd12 May 31, 2019
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smallest quantity of dope capable of being made into a spliff.
A bleem is less than you would like to put into it, but when times are hard and you have very little left, a bleem is what you would either use, or lend to a friend who was out of dope and asking for some.
"Aw man, I'm out! lend us some will you?" "uhh...just a bleem huh? can't spare any more for your old buddy?"
by Vin Rhinocelot May 24, 2006
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(bleem), adj.; bleemed, bleeming. LL. bleemibilis to completely destroy; to lay complete waste; to ruin or spoil in an epic manner; to be utterly crushed; to slay or kill in a malicious manner; to easily defeat an opponent; to render ineffective with little effort;
-bleemable a. That which may be bleemed;
-bleemer n. One who or that which bleems; specif., Bloomish the Bleemer a fictional character who would often destroy his opponents easily.
Bloomish completely bleemed his opponent by cutting his head off with one strike.
by Operasamurai4 August 14, 2008
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“The secret integer between three and four”.

A reference to the short story The Secret Number by Igor Teper. The number is named after Laszlo Bleem, who died in a car accident shortly after claiming to have discovered an unknown integer somewhere between one and twenty. All his written and electronic notes also mysteriously disappeared.
“All of mathematics has been doctored in order to conceal bleem’s existence.”

“One, two, three, bleem, four…”
by whens August 17, 2019
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