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The hottest and funniest man ever to exist. Laszlo is a Hungarian name meaning king of the people. Laszlo's are european hot, crazy, powerful, athletic, and fun guys. Thats what makes them leaders. They are very popular because of all of their awesome traits. Women are naturally attracted to Laszlo's, mainly because of their hot european eyes and athletic bodies. People are jealous of Laszlo's, because they are very fun to party with, and an absolute god in bed. Laszlo could turn a pile of shit day into winning the lottery, Laszlo's make everyone laugh and happy. Laszlo's are not very book smart but make genius ideas and have the street and business smarts everyone wishes they had. Laszlo's are the best friends imaginable. Laszlo's will crack you up on a bad day and make you enjoy yourself. They are also really trustworthy and always have your back. The best guy you will ever meet.
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A name from Hungarian context. It also refers to a guy who is highly respected such as The King of HUngary St. Laszlo. Laszlo is a very popular name because it is the name of a cool guy. He is soo cool.
Laszlo, yu be chillin.
Yo look at that Laszlo over thur, hes tight.
by Urban Dictionary May 18, 2006
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