The most awesome and bizarre western movie ever, directed by Mel Broooks, 1974.
Gene Wilder to Clansmen: "Oh boys! Looky what I got here!"
Cleavon Little: "Hey, where are the white women at?"
by September 6, 2004
When you are hitting her in cow girl position, but her pussy is so hairy that your dick gets a carpet burn
Me and Mackenzie were getting it on last night, but she gave me a blazing saddle.
by Baconman20 December 11, 2017
While fornicating with a fine biddy, pour tabasco on your dick and make the bitch ride your cock.
I took this chick back to my farmhouse and let her ride my blazing saddles.
by BitchNigga12675 February 22, 2011
Sexual position wherein a woman rides a man reverse cowgirl while he takes a dump on the toilet.
Tommy thought that he liked blumpkins, but when Suzie upgraded him to a Blazing Saddle, he found his new favorite position.
by pattenhere April 16, 2010
Denotes extreme and unbearable heat. As in, the type of heat only found within the southern recesses of Hades.
You: Dog, its like 90 degrees!
Me: It Blazing Saddles!
by MaZe February 12, 2004
While the male partner engages in intercourse doggy style with the female partner, the male partner's scrotum, covered in icy-hot pain reliever, smacks the vagina of the female partner repeatedly, causing a "blazing sensation"
"With the sudden change in temperatures, Sara had a screaming orgasm when she was hit up with the blazing saddle bag"
by P Town April 19, 2006