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when you are fucking a girl and you look up at the clock and start pounding hard as to quickly cum because your late for class/work
sean- hey man where u been? you fucking late man!
chris- yeah sorry i was at kristinas, i had to cum rush
sean- oh cool was she any good?
chris- shut up sean u fucking retard!
by phil mcrevis October 03, 2006
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It's a buzz a cocksucker gets after swallowing a load of cum, esp. a big load or several in a row. Attributed to the testosterone level in the cum, varies per load and/or dude getting blown. Some cocksuckers become addicted to the feeling.
A: I had a cum rush all night long from that load you shot down my throat last night.

B: Told you it was worth it.

A: When you want to get together again?

B: This is just between us, cool?
by FlashpointDFW February 05, 2010
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