Blackout is the state of which all college kids strive for during any night of the week. Total lose of all memory which leads some retarded fuckin stories.
Tom: "Yo, I was so blackout last night."
Pete: "Ya thats probably why you fucked that ugly hoe."
Tom: "What?"
by BuddhaBurp November 11, 2007
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When you use two large black penises to cover both of of your eyes.
When I awoke, it was darker than I had expected, I thought I went blind but it was just a blackout.
by Queef Beltyourweenie December 01, 2011
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amaaaaaazing britney spears album
"Blackout won Best International Album at the NRJ Music Awards, Hit Music Awards, and the Alfa Music Awards Awards, not to mention several other awards"
by hooby April 20, 2008
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When a white person, for no reason, speaks in ebonics.

Can also be used in past tense, (i.e blacked out)
Sorry man, I mustve had a black out.
by jmaniam August 02, 2011
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A day (March 6) on tumblr and other social media networks acknowledged people of color to be absolutely, magnificently gorgeous and to empower and lift up the black community through likes and reblogs and comments. This established that we are all beautiful and shouldn't be treated any other way. This was black pride, solely used to empower our community and not in any way whatsoever to put down any other race. Also a day when people lost a lot of followers because they didn't want to see all of the ebony selfies and self love on their dash. hopefully this will be every March 6th.
*person of color posts selfie with the tag #blackout*
*After 25 minuets get like 1,000,000 notes on thmblr with comments like "you're gorgeous and beautiful and I love your smile. Your are a Melanin Queen. Slay!!" *
by x_wast3dy0uth_x March 06, 2015
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either referring to a person who does or the act of consuming heavy amounts of alcohol to the point of 'blacking' out, loss of memory due to over-indulgence of booze, drinking to point of no return, but not passing out, rather continuing your evening into the wee hours of morning
"Holy I was a black-out last nite. I woke up in an ugly chick's bed" or "Wow, _____________ sure got blacked-out last night, he ended up in the drunk tank"
by jeromeo September 01, 2006
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