A crazy ass nigga with no respect for himself or anyone else. Doesn’t value life at all and can’t be trusted. Oh, and they crazy asf.
“yo i just got my ass kicked bro.”
“what shoes was he wearing?”
“oh those black air forces.”
by lv. March 22, 2019
According to a new law, wearing black air forces is a war crime. People who wear these don't fear anything
Look at my new black air forces

Dude you are going in jail for that
by Lord_Zazu November 3, 2020
A nigga who wear black forces don't give a fuck bout nothin and it can go down anytime if you cross him. He got a Slime mentality.
'' Say Jay why you got them black air forces on''
'' I'm waiting for a fuck nigga to come my way so I can do his ass wrong ''
'' ongod, aight you thuggin''
Say no more Slime
by 263_drip May 12, 2020
Somebody that does not care about life no matter what they are ruthless reckless careless
A nigga wit some Black air forces cut you off you apologize for being in front of him if not I will destroy you
by Fire_hotdog26 September 15, 2019