supreme, fantastic, wonderful;
best used when describing inanimate objects
by not matt mcvay February 2, 2005
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wicked, great, fantastic, sublime. Can be used all by itself, or in a sentance.


Bitchin' day, dude.
by LSDeeDee October 3, 2006
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to be totally awesome
commonly used among 80's skaters
However, Bitchin is making a comeback
Yo son that kickflip was bitchin!
hey yo Desi's bringin bitchin back guys
dude that movie was super bitchin
by Desi O January 17, 2007
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A very good time, in comparrison to the word "bitching", which means one who complains the fuck out of you.
"That roller coaster was bitchin."
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e June 23, 2005
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"bitchin" is an idiomatic expression originally from the left coast of the United States of America, circa mid to late 1970s, coinciding with the rise of Disco(the Bee Gees), and the "BITCH" fashion trend (where young "woman's libbers" commonly wore necklaces and shirts emblazoned with "BITCH"), used originally by "surfer types", deriving from "man that wave is a bitch" to "what a ride, that wave was bitchin'". It quickly spread to main stream American vernacular as an affermation.
That wave was bitchin!
That car is bitchin!
That girl is bitchin!
by Paul Driver April 28, 2006
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Prodigiously beautiful, rad, boss ... etc.
That's a bitchin way to describe bitchin.
by MisterTed October 16, 2015
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Scene or hipster verb meaning "happen," "going on," etc.
"Yo, what's bitchin."
"Just trying on some beanies."
by Allen Angus May 1, 2009
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