A bitch slap is a slap to a cheek with an open hand, held flatly and sometimes with a moderate wind up. It is usually used as a moderately painful, usually being treated immediately with lighter contact, described as "holding your chin".
Remember when Azelia bitch slapped Nayori on Real Snakes?
by Yumko July 15, 2018
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Flexible word- ranging from simply getting held accountable to being reprimanded to getting beaten badly in a sporting event.
"I haven't followed up for them yet and I'm getting bitch slapped with e-mail requests."

"Ouch- My boss bitch slapped me for being late!"

"The Pistons simply bitch slapped Boston last night in the opening round of their series."
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A bitch slap is delivered to the side of the head above the ear .. Complete disorientation .. No marks.. The slap is pulled slightly as a full follow through can do a severe neck injury ..
Ice T: "lot of you men are bitches too"
You turn and step off, the bitch says "don't walk away fro me motherfucker!" .. You turn quickly and use the motion of the turn to deliver the "Bitch Slap" ..
by Raymond 7 March 5, 2011
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The action of slapping a person (Usually a woman) with the palm of your hand, usually hard. This action is sometimes confused with a similar slap called a "Pimp Slap" The pimp slap is different from the Bitch Slap because it does not slap a "bitch" with its palm but with the back of its hand.
"Yo man this bitch was walking up to me saying im her baby daddy."
"Oh yeah? What'd you do?"
"I bitch slapped her, what else?"
by Cheoleo December 30, 2013
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the impact of a high velocity backhand which can sometimes be covered in baby powder. used to mark territory.
1: agaergoergogoigoiGOIgjerg
2: shut up bitch!*slap*
by eddie May 22, 2005
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Slapping someone in the face for no reason other then:

a. they pissed you off or
b. you want to piss them off
guy1: hey, moron
guy2: *bitch-slaps face*
by urmom27 October 23, 2010
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A man is Bitch Slapped if he is completelly dominated by his woman. Also known as Pussy Whipped.
Grow some balls mate, you're totally Bitch Slapped!
by Rikstir January 3, 2013
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