To slap bitchs
To slap someone who is a bitch.
To bitchfully slap someone.
What Katie Rose does.
(Kate Rose Bitch Slaps
by Amanda de La Brooklyn May 12, 2006
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a back handed slap whose motion resembles that of a person removing their seatbelt while in a motor vehicle
homer is about to get bitch slapped for joking about being at walmart
by hahahahahahaha6243 December 6, 2011
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Slapping a prostitute in your employ by taking the right hand, reachin to the left of your body and backhanding her across the face.
Pimp: Where my money bitch?
Ho: I aint got yo money
Pimp: BITCH BETTA HAVE MY MONEY ::bitch slap::
by Jay Mack May 21, 2003
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See the third listing under googleplex. that is a complete bitch slap
by TimdOwen September 11, 2006
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The way that black men show love to black and/or white and/or latino and/or Japanese bitches. They pimp slap them, and then burn them with the crack pipe for being sluts.
Why you be such a ho, ho? I bees havin to bitch slap de fuck outcha. Aww. Commeeer boo. Gives me some lovin. I be fuckin you in de azz to-nite, sho-nuff.
by Gay Romantic August 16, 2007
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1; to Be slapped hard.
2; to be slapped by a bitch
by Aaron1608 April 10, 2008
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The humiliating act of slapping someone across the face. To be avoided.
You keep it up, she will bitch slap you!
by Aedan May 18, 2004
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