When one guy is with a chick and another guy comes up and takes her from him.
Sean had his woman bitch jacked last night at the club.
by Jeff/Matt January 18, 2004
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When you have something really cool (example: a pair of badass Nikes) and then some stupid bitch goes and buys the same thing and acts like he's tight.
"I saw that kid wearing those shoes yesterday."
"Yeah, I totally had them first."
"Dude you just got bitch jacked."
by jordansthecoooles February 9, 2008
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When you get your bitch jacked, you feel a full, deep satisfaction, and a resonating euphoria. Like a little tiny orgasm.
"That Dalmore 12-year really jacked my bitch."
"Let's go out, I'm looking for a good bitch-jacking."
"God damn, this hot tub is jackin' my bitch straight through the ceiling."
by Chicken Daddy May 29, 2019
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This guy is horrible, he isn't smart at all and he is no good at getting girls. he likes to brag about himself and nothing is true. He says he is alpha but he isn't he is a beta bitch.
Magical:jack is a beta! The Bitch Jack
Jack: No, I'm not!

Magical: Yea Yea sureeee.
by MagicalAssets April 26, 2019
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A road rage term used when you initially think it's a guy that cut you off, but realize it was a woman.
billy: hows it goin timmy

timmy: pretty shitty, some fuckin jack bitch cut me off while i was drinking a beer and it spilled all over my mongoose interior.
by olyshit December 17, 2010
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A dumb white bitch. A white trashy woman. A woman that eats crumbs off the ground.
Look at that cracker jack bitch eating crumbs from the sidewalk.

Let's go before all the cracker jack bitches arrive.
by Dirt¥~Dog™ November 28, 2017
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On this day, May 2nd. It will be National Bitch Jack Ivers Day. You get to throw him around like a little bitch.
person 1- “yo whats today?”

person 2-“its may 2nd

person 1-“yoooo!!! its national bitch jack ivers day”

person 2- “lets go fuck him up hes pussy”

to define this word, national bitch jack ivers day means jack ivers is pussy
On this day, May 2nd. It will be National Bitch Jack Ivers Day. You get to throw him around like a little bitch.
by pussyfairy May 2, 2022
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