a bitch hoe is a girl (less often a guy) who is slutty, trashy, and bring down other people because they are insecure. they often can act normal around very attractive guys, but if you fuck with them your screwed.
nice girl 1: hi andy
bitch hoe: hey sexy andy
nice girl: bye bye now

when andy not around
bitch hoe: nice girl you don't have boobs and i'm telling everyone mean, nasty, not true things about you masterbating to andy's picture!
by S~aFRiKa June 23, 2009
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What pimps slap when they are disrespecting
Rufus Slapped 3 bitches & hoes, including Galaxia, Rayquanda,Shanequa,and Bomquisha
by Totallycoolguy September 11, 2006
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A prostitute with an attitude. acts Mean or charges to much for a blow job.
That bitch-hoe just made me pay $40 to get a handy!!!
by demon July 21, 2004
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(pl. n.) Attractive women who are likely to be sexually promiscuous, desired by the speaker, or both.

cf. bitches.
Fuck Josh's party, let's go pick up some bitches & hoes.
by lexicality March 16, 2007
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An expression of lament of the situation at hand, means only a bitch or a hoe (whore) can make it better.
Bitch Hoe Bitch this is some whack shit!
by Mc Matt December 1, 2004
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A Bitch Hoe is a Bitch who is a massive hoe!

The word Bitch comes before Hoe as you will know when she is a bitch before a Hoe
Girl1: Stephanie is such a bitch!
Girl 2: I know right but she’s also a massive hoe.
Girl1&2: She must be a Bitch Hoe!

Girl 1: Also before she joined our college she was a Bitch then a week later she was busted a Hoe!
Girl 2: I know what a big Bitch Hoe!
by Mongoose892 September 3, 2018
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