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After ejaculation and pulling out, a man pulls the condom off his penis and ties the end with the semen still inside. He swings it around his head like a sling shot and hurls it at the girl's face so it explodes all over her.
"Charity, I'm finished."
"Oh, Chris, sling the condom at me 'David and Goliath' style!"
by Kobe KTizzle January 31, 2008
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When you're sprung and in a club, wanting to bang somebody, but the only chick DTF is ugly with a butter face. You take a BUTTER SHOT or two to get ready to bang her. Butter shots are typically high in alcohol content, like doubles or everclear.
James: Man I want to get some
Dwayne: Dude you could bang that butter face ugly chick
James: I'll down a BUTTER SHOT or two, and I'll be ready to go
by Kobe KTizzle June 7, 2011
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When a bunch of pompous, arrogant, evangelicals get together and talk about how the world should be, even though they are in positions of power and have no real intention of change- just whole lot of talking and bitching
Evangelical Bitch Fest mock conversation:

Two evangelical ministers meet to discuss problems in the world-

Baptist deacon says, "My church doesn't have women deacons. I think the women in my congregation are oppressed."

Episcopal priest says, "The people in the neighborhood surrounding our church are victim to economic injustice."

Baptist deacon says, "Things need to change in the world to help those people out...Wanna go play golf?"
by Kobe KTizzle October 19, 2010
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