The phenomenon that occurs when someone, usually a female, losses their coolness for a temporary period of time. Bitchface mode can come on quickly and can even occur several times a day - more so during certain times of the month.
Example 1: "Whoa dude, your girlfriend is being such a Bitchface today!"

Example 2: "I work with the biggest Bitchface ever! If I knew I wouldn't lose my job, I slap her in her Bitchface."
by hindmanjj March 25, 2013
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a person with such a pretty face that you assume they must be a bitch.
You: Wow, that girl is so pretty...she has a bitch face.
Friend: No, actually she's really nice!
by stagegirl2013 January 04, 2012
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a woman who has wronged a man (or another woman) in a particularly epic or disgraceful fashion
It's been three years since I broke up with bitchface for gifting me the clap.
by Sanotaan January 25, 2004
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a person who is extremely annoying and/or stupid, annoying, conceited, slutty, bitchy, untruthful, or all of the above.
Sheldon was being a bitchface when he ignored me yesterday at school.
by seu533333333 September 22, 2007
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A generic term used in the refferal to a person that you do not like, who has wronged you or gets on your nerves.
Girl 1: Gosh, Dianne Hoover is such a bitchface!

Girl 2: I know, I hope that when I go up to the office I don't see bitchface.
by Ashes for Peace October 05, 2009
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One whos face and personaltiy is abnormally bitchy.

A BitchFace may have the folowing traits:
1. mop like hair
2. tourettes and/or swareing problem
3. be skinny
4. always have an opinion
5. dating problems
6. wear braces
7. walk awkwardly
8. be bipolar
9. sing and know every song on the radio
10. and have a massive BitchFace smile

B. Fizzay from Knoxville is the king of all BitchFaces' around the entire universe.
B. Fizzay: "Fuck someone stole my fucking god damn taco!"

Abe: "No, It's right there you stupid BitchFace."

B. Fizzay: "Oh, well fuck you asshole."

Abe: "Umm whatever...BitchFace..."
by awesomedude February 01, 2008
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