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1. Rachell's are usually found to be very down-to-earth and strikingly beautiful and flirtatious. Rachell's are rare and when found, can bring you all the happiness or hell that you desire, it all depends on how you treat this gorgeous girl. But do not take her kindness for granted, she's not one to fuck around with.
Boy #1: dude, did you see Rachell today?
Boy #2: yeah man, she looks hotttt. i wish i could get with her..
by l0ViN lifExX March 22, 2009
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Rachells are generally cute with beautiful blue eyes and they like to dye their hair often. Rachells are very intelligent and are not to be underesrimated. Some Rachells have special abilities such as having super sonic hearing that can hear you whispering down the block and in someone's basement but will have a hard time hearing you when she's 3 ft away. Rachells are very honest almost to a fault, sweet, caring, loving, and humble. If you are lucky enough to know a Rachell don't ever lose her friendship she's the type of friend to give you the shirt off her back and will always be there when she can for anyone, and if you happen to be in a relationship or in love with one be careful not to upset her even unintentionally as she is very sensitive and has a very low self esteem some say it's non existent. She also with drown you with tons of love and affection and will always want kisses and she also likes snuggles too. She is a PORNSTAR in bed always eager to please her partner and loves to her them moan. Has the best oral skills around and her P*ssy is like a velvet lined treasure box, she'll never disappoint. She speaks 7 different languages but is most fluent in English and Sarcasm. Is usually depressed so you find her always cracking jokes or being silly trying to make others laugh and be happy because that is what makes her happy! Also makes the most beautiful children in the world.
Rachells so nice why does everyone want to hurt her?

Rachells the best she helped me when I broke my leg once.

Rachell is so kind and genuine I don't know why she's so depressed
by Dr. Cowabunga June 14, 2018
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A rachell is a girl who random has urges to stab people violently and laugh. While generally mistake for a scene kid. Rachell's hate alot of scene kids. And has violent out bursts and tend to laugh at stupid jokes such as niggertits and so on and so forth. Generally very happy.
"That girl is such a rachell, don't fucking call her scene"
by Kinkykittyxxx October 05, 2008
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