A more appropriate spelling for the slang form of the word whore. As pronounced on the street, the 'r' sound is dropped, thus 'whore' becomes 'whoe'. Refers to a sexually promiscuous person, often for money or other personal gain.
Haley is a whoe because she sleeps with anyone for the right price.
by TrooperJ August 23, 2007
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whore + hoe .

pronounced like whoa
That chick over there is a bitch and sleeps with every man she lays her eyes on. She's one ugly whoe.
by the.bitch July 21, 2009
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whoes is a shortened word for saying who is.
Many people thought Platinum twat was a bitch and Bond whoes from the chatroom agreed.
by windaria November 20, 2007
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A man that rides and flirt with every gyal he sees
Alge is a whoe/Louse from sandals
by Gyalis May 12, 2023
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