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when a girl ditches you to hang out with her girlfriends
-Hey dude, Melissa just bitch ditched tonight after she told me not to make plans
-What a Bitch!
by Christopher Bizub April 21, 2007
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When a fool is chilling with his homie, and his homie ends up ditching him for some pussy.
damn nigga, me and sparky were chillin' the other night and that nigga straight up bitch-ditched me! fuck that nigga, my nigga!
by SkitzoFrenik September 01, 2010
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when you have a best friend that's a boy and you're a girl and he gets a girlfriend he ditches you for her.
sara: hey u know i IM'd steve like usual and he told me he was "out with his girlfriend"
meghan: you totally got bitch ditched
by ilikebigbutts90 April 11, 2009
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