element 83 in the periodic table with a atomic weight of 208 which is a rainbow crystal with a symbol of bi which has recently turned into chemistry joke regarding bisexuality
yeah son
"I,m confirmed bismuth"
by 420pastaswag July 9, 2014
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The heaviest element to have a stable isotope, although smart-arses will tell you that it actually does have a half-life of 1,9 x 10^19 years, or several hundred million times longer than the age of the universe.
Teacher: Bismuth is the heaviest element with a stable...
Student: Actually, it has a half-life of 1.9 x 10^19 ...
Teacher: Shut the fuck up!
by 15postmalone April 23, 2021
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The gayest element. The symbol is Bi and it has a shiny rainbow appearance.
"What's your favourite element?"
"Bismuth obviously"
by ProGamerMove September 28, 2019
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Cool, gangster, or anything worth noting.
Dude this food is the bismuth.
by November 18, 2020
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Bismuth is the WORST friken gem in steven universe. she ruined everything. I hate her. She is annoying. she SHATTERED lapis and peridots screen time. like bismuth is not important. Can someone pls shatter her.
Me: “ugh i hate bismuth sm”
friend: “omg me too!!”
me: “yesss she sucks oml”
by Taylor Lapidot June 24, 2020
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Doing something very dumb, but sometimes it ends up turning out good.

The term originated from a video on youtube named "BREAKING NEWS: adult man purchases 150$ of crystals", where, when trying to open the package of bismuth, he bit the bismuth inside. He ended up getting the bismuth out of the package.
Person A: I'm gonna go skydiving, without a parachute.
Person B: That's like biting bismuth.
Person A landed in a forest, and was able to call 911 to the rescue. Person A ended up with a lot of broken bones, but recovered.
by BeepBeepImEep July 20, 2021
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Bismuth Technetium Hydride (BiTcH) is a chemical compound that is common in most high schools and universities! It is rather toxic to your mental health and is known to defeat your self-esteem
John: What is wrong with Bill, he's gotten depressed?
George: He has a case of Bismuth Technetium Hydride poisoning!
by Kiwi610 January 25, 2013
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