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An application of birch twigs to the bare posterior of a miscreant of misbehaving person. The goal of this is to provide an attitude correction. In past years the process was used by husbands to correct their wives, giving rise to old English "rule of thumb" that is you were not legally allowed to birch your wife with a stick that is larger in diameter than your thumb. Sort of counter productive anyway because the best birch branches to use are about 1/4" in diameter and freshly cut so as to be flexible and whippy. The process of birching often requires the woman to prepare her own birch.

In the case of submissive women receiving a birching often gives rise to strong sexual desires and a feeling of contentment and calm.
Elly, I see you have exceeded the budget for your credit card this month. Go cut a switch for yourself and prepare yourself for a birching.
by canem September 04, 2009
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the practice of chewing twigs; predating Islamic culture, chewing twigs was the only source for oral hygiene. This trend has died with the evolution of toothbrushes and toothpaste, but recent scientific research still regards chewing twigs at the same orally hygienic standard as the toothbrush.
"what are you . . . chewing on a stick?"
"No, I'm birching."
by Richard Seguritan April 01, 2007
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Banging a girl in a tree
Ideally a birch tree. But any tree will suffice
Met this girl last night night, fuck her in a tree

Oh shit, you birching sob
by Doriftopyret June 09, 2018
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