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(verb) To automatically receive all your points & offers by using your payment card.
I just shopped at hmv but forgot my loyalty card, its fine though because I can Bink.
by Bink HQ August 17, 2016
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(v) in poker, to catch fortuitous cards; also applicable in other gaming contexts

(interj) in poker, exclamation made upon catching fortuitous cards and/or winning a large pot
I binked a straight flush on the turn.

Bink! I just doubled up!
by Marchant February 19, 2011
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pronounced- /Bing K/ *Adj: 1. A slang word, primarily used by Italians/New Yorkers, that refers to a sharp dresser or swell looker. Similar in meaning to the word "dapper" that is often used by Irish/Irish Americans, immaculate in dress and appearance.
Anthony was looking mad bink with his fresh haircut and brand new jogging suit!
by unhealthy&unwealthy September 12, 2010
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a fugly shaft. someone or something that is unwanted and not needed.
"wow that girl is such a bink."
"that shirt is binked"
"what a binky kid"
"that's binkin"

"that's pretty bink man."
by BLURJEWFLAT December 03, 2009
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n. a generic nickname used to describe any upstanding individual in one's personal network. Variations: binky, binkazoid, bink-bonk, banks, bianks.
Hey Binks, how's Grandma Binks feeling? Binks said I should ask you.
by binks January 22, 2005
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the hilarious occurance of a headshot glancing off the opposition's helmet, making the classic *bink* sound while not inflicting the normal amount of damage for a headshot. made popular by a video of some dude that got real pissed when it kept happening.
{TTCDave| - WTFUX!>?!?
{TTCDave| - FUCKIN..!!1
{TTCDave| - *BINK*
by speede May 20, 2004
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noun verb: (to be) Devoid of luck, clumsy, clown-like. Often accompanied with metaphorical horse-mouth. Almost perfect antonym to geeb.
he binksed it up. cheers binks (derogatory)
by josef November 17, 2003
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