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a kid that needs to learn his alphabet
"my buns are burning my buns are burning" said billy bob
by HEEHOO BANAN July 12, 2020
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Politically correct term for a hillbilly, cracker, redneck, or trailer trash. Subtle reminder that southerners often use their first and middle names because after centuries of inbreeding, they all have the same last name.
The billybob was hoping to score with his cousin last night after the football game.
by skeptosaurus January 02, 2013
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Billy Bob is a man.
His three faviroute things, in reverse order, are America, His Guns, and his Car. His three least favourite things are environmentalists, Toyota Priuses, and people parking in his parking space.
Now one day Billy Bob found a Prius in his parking space. In England, we we`d just leave a polite note on the window of the car, explaining our displeasure. Now, Billy Bob has never been to England.
*5 Minutes Later*
And it seems that the Prius is not bullet proof..
by JohnyGoTech January 28, 2016
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1.Is a man of great sexual health with a redneck side. 2. Man of great strength and stamina. 3. Is of great bliss to those around him.
The man named Scott with the green chevy and drives semi's is the BILLYBOB of r town.
by turbo22 March 20, 2007
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To slip your finger inside one's anal rectum orifice for either pleasure or to check the temperature. It's recommended to not to wear any jeans or tight pants during the process.

Mommy, may I Billy Bob the little kitty in the bummy bum bum?
Mommy, may I Billy Bob the little kitty in the bummy bum bum?
by DinoCoat July 13, 2018
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