BILF is BOSS I'd Like to Fuck.
The whole point of having the acronym (like MILF) is that it's a bit taboo.
My BILF works me really hard. Yeah, baby.

Oooh, the BILF is coming! Time for me to stand by the copier and look cute....
by creaternity June 09, 2006
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Baby I'd Like to Fuck.
Used by Stewie Griffin in "Family Guy" in reference to a baby he found attractive in a supermarket.
Stewie: "Ooh, ooh! BILF, total BILF"
Stewie: "Yeah so I got 6 pacifiers"
BILF: "..."
Stewie "Well, that was a big nothing"
by BassMZero January 16, 2011
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Brother I'd Like to Fuck. not your actual brother, unless you are from Alabama, but someone who is close to you like a brother, but you also think he is hot.
Danny, in a complete non threatening way, You're my favorite BILF.
by DallasDolly September 10, 2010
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Justin's such a bilf! I'd love to stick my big cock in his tight little virgin ass!
by boytoylover June 11, 2003
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Acronym: Brother I'd like to fuck.
N. Term applied to hot (usually older) brothers of best friends (bfs) or aquaintences. Used when around said targets sibling or other friends who know of siblingship.
Akin and sometimes used in place of the rarer Filf (Family I'd like to fuck; i/e:cousin, step siblings ect., aunts, uncles, cousins inlaw - of friends)
Derivitive of Milf
Note: does not denote an incestual connotation.
Jason: hey (passing to the kitchen)
Jess(studying, overtaken by jasons hotness): Your brothers a bilf.
Lynn: what?
Jess: Is he seeing anyone?
Lynn: What!?....your fucking crazy.
by A.L.F. August 29, 2006
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Beer Induced Leg Failure. A condition where by the sufferer falls over and hurts themselves or looks stupid. Condition is caused by endulging too much in the glorious amber ale we know as beer. Symptoms which indicate a case of BILF is iminent include swaying and stumbling.
Jamie fell victim to a severe case of BILF during his night out at the pub.
by SmithsonianWA July 21, 2006
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