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To make something larger, or increase the size of an object. Used during DIY or manual labour.
"If we could just biggen that piece of wood a few centimetres it would fit".
by Nicky Howells September 26, 2007
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More than just a big person. A complete lardass. An obese fatass who does nuthin but eats.
"Look at that biggens ova there, eating that biggins tasty from mickey d's."
by Craig Grove July 21, 2006
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Biggens is a term used for women that are stacked. Meaning they are rather large boobs.
Tom: Lisa those are biggens.

Lisa: I know tom, please fondle me.
by bloodletting September 26, 2008
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A slang term used to pronounce excitement, shock, or aww. In select cases (mostly inbetween males) it is used in conversing and instead of Dawgor Homie. Usually proceeded with an interjection ie: dang, wow, yo, or hey
As I turned the corner I saw to my suprise two beautiful scantilly clad women getting fresh with each other and I exclaimed

"Daaaang, Biggen!"

As I stared wide eyed at the New York skyline from atop the Empire State building I said in amazement,

"Wow Biggen"

I see a good friend of mine at the club and I call over to him "Hey Biggen!" or "What's up Biggen?"
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When someone encounters a FAT ASS and wants his/her friends to know with out alerting the person in question
DAMN SKIPPY i just saw me a biggen!

fat ass damn skippy fat people bigen biggeen rape
by Fat Monster June 14, 2011
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