The actor who plays Kendall Knight in Big Time Rush. He is very attractive and fun to watch. He is also in a band called Heffron Drive. He sings lead for most of their songs. He is an amazing singer and guitarist and sometimes post youtube videos of him and Logan(also from Big Time Rush) singing other songs.
girl- hey do you know who Heffron Drive is?
other girl- ya, isnt Kendall Schmidt in it?
girl- ya! I love him in Big Time Rush
other girl- me too! i love his abs. there totally better than James's.
girl- so true!
by mrssiriusblack13 March 29, 2011
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Stealing intellectual property.

(See: plagiarism copyright law pussy)
-Hey, did you see Melania Trump kendall schmidting Michelle Obama?
-Yea! How lazy was that?
by WoodyOmicron November 21, 2016
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