Big Shaq's brotha. Needs him to help his mom with the shopping
by Tigyayyy November 30, 2017
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Asznee,Big Shaqs brotha.Not brother.Brotha.
Needs big shaqs help with moms shopping
Has a pumpee with him at all times
by AutisticChild666 May 4, 2018
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Brudda o’ Big Shaq. Possesses a pumpee.
Hold tight Asznee - my brudda - he’s gotta pumpee.
by Gilly Soose January 26, 2018
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¨Hey look it's Big Shaq, that must mean Asznee is somewhere close¨
by SHLEEF SHLOX 44 December 5, 2019
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a hot nigger cousin of teemoney04 who has biggest nose in the world. nigga loves blowing niggas up. Used to have asznee but not anymore
My nigga muhammed asznee just blew up that adelaide oval mums
by geidoism November 5, 2019
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A mystery man mentioned in the lyric of Big Shaq's popular song," Man's not hot"
Asznee might be a russian name,but there's no answer.
Hold tight, Asznee (my brudda), he's got the pumpy (big ting)
by ndmctsgh November 5, 2017
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