4 definitions by CutiefromKilleen

When someone has a lot of flashy and expensive posessions and flaunts them and displays them in such a manner where they want others to envy.
A rich guy has 5 diamond rings and 2 gold necklaces, and makes a point of showing them to you and flashing them in your face. Like someone would say

"Ray is big pimpin', look at his gold bling and brand new car!"
by CutiefromKilleen December 18, 2007
Something that is racially motivated and intended to insult a caucasian person.
That honkey is whiter than bread!
by CutiefromKilleen December 18, 2007
Usually used to describe a black person in a derogatory manner. Between black people, it can be an endearing word that black people use among eachother. When a white or asian or other race calls a black person nigger, it is considered taboo and very racist.
Look at that nigger, he is so lazy!
by CutiefromKilleen December 18, 2007
A term referring to dark complected African-Americans. It is also used as a racial slur
That jiggaboo sure is dark, Robbie! All i can see are the whites of his eyes.
by CutiefromKilleen December 18, 2007