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1. In Michigan, anything North of Flint. Ranges from Da Yoop to Grand Rapids.
2. Any area in Michigan that cannot be described as being Detroit
Person1: Where are we going?
Person2: Grand Rapids
Person1: Is that like Detroit?
Person2: No.
Person1: What is it, then?
Person2: Up North.
by Atog April 30, 2005
1. A town in Northern Michigan with an economy based mostly on tourism. Popular in Summer, Fall, and Winter. Also known as "Up North"
2. 15 Minutes from Petosky
3. 45 Minutes from Mackinaw City
4. About an hour from Traverse City
Person1: Want to go to Harbor Springs?
Person2: Where?
Person1: Up North...
by Atog April 30, 2005
1. Prison
2. The Nickname for Michigan Stadium, where the University of Michigan Wolverines play their home games of NCAA football. Has an "official" (although often exceeded) capacity of 107,501, making it the largest American Football stadium in the world. At the time of this writing, U of M has won 3.5 home games for every home game that they have lost.
1. After being convicted on possession charges, homie got sent to The Big House
2. The Big House goes absolutely nuts during home games versus Ohio State
by Atog August 1, 2005
1. A weapon of great power.
2. The subject of Rhapsody's song, "Emerald Sword"
3. An object with the glory, the power, to win the black lord.
For the king, for the land, for the mountains, for the green valleys where dragons fly, for the glory, the power, to win the black lord, i will search for the Emerald Sword!
by Atog April 30, 2005
1. Proof that God loves us and wants to be happy.
2. A modification of Google's search engine that displays pictures instead of websites.
3. Adobe Photoshop's Best Friend.
4. gis
by Atog April 30, 2005
The third most intelligant species on the planet Earth, despite believing themselves to be the most intelligant.
The most smart and second-most smart are Mice and Dolphins, respectively.
by Atog April 30, 2005
Mahn, me n Jimmy were ought huntin in da west of da Yoop, eh? an we fand this ghant buck, eh? Like tir-teen points on 'er!
by Atog April 30, 2005