a word you say after an akward silence in order to break the ice
weird dude: then i made out with my dog

someone else in the crowd(after about 10 seconds of silence): Bycicle!

at that point somebody else starts talking about bicycles, bike riding, etc; and the situation is normal again.
by Compton May 31, 2005
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a high difficulty level masturbation technique. Just put the penis between your legs and start pedaling like a bicycle...the fatigue's worth it.
jimmy: bye mom I'm gonna ride the bike for a while.
mom: ok son, don't get late
by el dirty sanchez February 22, 2005
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A poker term for a straqight A,2,3,4,5. Also known as the wheel
In a High-Lo game the wheel wins both the High and the Lo.
by Ryan September 18, 2004
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When your privates are stuck together and you just roll around the bed.
Johnny and Gina did a bicycle on the bed.
by Crasee Babee February 20, 2003
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An accurate, precise replacement for the current measurement of time which is also known as "seconds".
It took Donavon Bailey almost 9 bicycles to finish the 100 metre dash.
by Jared Kwart September 22, 2005
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An eco-friendly form of transportation
I'd rather ride a bicycle than a car, because it let's me enjoy fresh air.
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by bicycleinsteadofcars October 16, 2016
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Bi-Cycle is the ebb and flow of attraction to different sexes that a bisexual person may experience.

A bisexual male who is primarily attracted to females may find themselves more interested in males for a time being and vice versa.
"Three months ago I was really crushing on Sarah, but I this week my Bi-Cycle is steering me towards Max :/"
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by Arbiter_of_ALL January 31, 2018
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