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An all aroung nice person loves to make people happy want to have a good time and hang with friends most Donavon have athletic abilities and are great in bed and usually has a very cute smile Donavon is a good boyfriend to have
Girl Donavon is so sexy

I Know he is great boyfriend material
by DDIrty money August 18, 2011
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A super funny guy who is also super cute! Very athletic but can be lazy when they wanna be. Has no chill when you piss him off but Is also very sweet and caring to the people they love. Donavons are great in bed! Donavons get jealous really easily, so don't talk to other men! Donavons love kids! When you first meet a Donavon he can be very shy, but don't worry he will open up if you let him and don't ignore him. Donavon is the best person you will meet!
Ex-Man I like Donavon but he is hella shy
-don't worry girl he is really sweet!
-ooh okay I'll give him a chance!
by TheGuyYouLove June 28, 2017
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A total fuck but, enjoys eating dicks. Thinks he's hilarious but in reality he's a cocksucker.
Who's douche. That's donavon
by DEEEEEZ NUTS June 08, 2015
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Person who claims to have a ginormous penis, and usually claims a measurement 8 inches above its actuality. Very much into ninja stuff, anime, sex, and other lame things. The worst donavons are born in August.
Hi i'm a donavon and my penis is 12 inches long and goes down to my knee.
by GodBiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch October 14, 2008
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A man who is usually very short, bad with women and thinks he is a stud. Donavons usually have red hair and think they are tough, although most Donavons are not good fighters.
Mike Tysons going to murder that Donavon in the ring tonight!
by Don Juan The Flame September 09, 2009
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A scrawny boned boy with no muscle that makes up dumb remixes of songs that have you wanting to kill yourself. Likes to start fights he can't finish
Synonyms: loser, scrub,weak, child
Look at donavon he's singing rolle polle rolle polle dab of ranch
by Fhhgg March 15, 2017
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Has a big and strectched out pussy
This girl had a donavon
by Donavons Mom June 01, 2018
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