A vehicle that provides a scenic and effective form of exercise. A vehicle that does not use fossil fuel and takes up less space than a motor vehicle. A sustainable form of transportation.
Many overweight and out-of-shape people in the US could use a bicycle instead of defending their right to own a large fuel-chugging vehicle and blaming spikes in fuel prices on the Arabs. Obesity in Europe and Asia is much lower than in the US in part because many people travel by bicycle instead of by car.
by Anonymous July 23, 2003
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Another word for "slut", meaning everyone had ridden her.
"I want to get laid, who's easy?" "Talk to Jill, she's the office bicyle".
by JT July 13, 2003
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Peddle-powered mode of transport with two wheels, handlebars and an annoying tendancy to harm one's testicles when going over bumps.
i want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike.

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride it where I OOOOOWWW .....my nuts...
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When one uses both feet to pleasure a girl, Like riding a bike, One foot in the vagina, one foot in the anus. and continue pedaling motion.

Similar - Double Fisting.
I double fisted her with ease, so we decided to step it up a notch and started bicycling the hell outta that bitch.
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Machine with two wheels, two pedals and a light built for a Christmas tree, used for turning calories into scar tissue.
Here's a bicycle with three gears: pedals-clanking, chain-free, chain-snarled-up.
by Fearman April 11, 2008
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1.My Sport, the sport that beat a bus up and down 19th Ave in San Francisco, 3 TIMES!
2. A sport that has 2 wheels, 2 triangles in it,and 2 pedals. Top speed of a bike is Unknown. However i managed to hit 48.7 MPH in my life HAHA!
3. Ride that thing!
1. Yo who wants to go biking now?
by Liquid Tang March 30, 2005
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When a male mounts a female in a position of rear entry and then sits on the female's back and picks up his legs and moves them circularly in a pedaling motion whilst proceeding to grasp the ears of the female in a handlebar hold, during which an mp3 of Queen's "Bicycle" is providing a soundtrack for the real life escapade.
I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike....Bicycle! Bicycle! Bicycle!!!
by Jefe Rey Ricardo January 31, 2008
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