Its an emote used on twitch tv to represent sadness or grief.
Biblethump Siddhant just fucked a goat BibleThump
by Adlet March 13, 2018
a) Self-righteous, irksome, delusional person who is infused with religous vanity and is prone to annoy others with their judgmental attitude.
b) person who is convinced he/she is going to heaven, despite the fact that he/she sucks to no end.
c) poor selection for a lover or roommate.
If I hear any more sermons from that friggin' biblethumper, I'm going to kick his self-righteous, unemployed ass right out of my apartment.
by no-one of consequence November 13, 2003
an idiotic fucker who condemns all atheists and other non-christians to hell, despite the fact they don't believe in one. how thick can you get?
oh no! you don't believe in god! i need to save you, being the moronic biblethumper that i am!
by thehipster April 18, 2005
sys0p is a BibleThumper.
by John Doe November 11, 2003