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Bunny Hop
(found in Half-Life games such as Team Fortress Classic and Counter-Strike)
A skilled jump technique that enables the player who uses it to
- move about 150% of their normal running speed
- achieve greater jumping distances (about 150%)
- be more unpredictable in his/her movement
Bunny Hopping is totally legitimate, though some look down upon it and prevent it in their servers.
Choob is such a newbie at bhopping.
by choob August 30, 2005
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Bernard Hopkins.
Boxing world Middleweight and Light Heavyweight champion.
He made 20 defences of his middleweight title, and is the first boxer ever to unify all four major sanctionning bodies belts: WBC, WBA, IBF and WBO.
Bernard Hopkins a.k.a. Bhop beat Antonio Tarver who beat Roy Jones Jr who beat Bernard Hopkins. That's boxing.
by Daveyf November 17, 2006
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Pronounced "Beehop". This is an acronym used by military people to label the person with the "Biggest Head On Post". Typical head sizes are between 6 and 7.5 inches. Every now and then someone comes along with a pumpkin-esque 8.5 or 9 incher.
"Private Jenkins has earned the title of B-HOP for his ungodly large head. That fuckin thing is gonna be a liabilty."
by Jeebus Almighty February 12, 2008
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WTF ben we dont wanna see your bhop!!!
Did you see the bhop on that bitch?
Oh shit Jay put the bhop away!!
by Chucka ubama March 12, 2008
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originating from half life games, it is now a term for general awesomeness and can be used as nearly any part of speech. Those with first names starting with the letter J tend to be good at it, while those with names starting with the letters M or C are not. It is quite an odd occurrence
Holy shit that kid is bhopping!
Man this cake is so bhop
God he is such a bhopper
Hey, want to go bhop on Counter strike?
When a bhop bhopper bhops it's pretty freakin bhop.
by morsdabhopper August 04, 2011
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