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1. Eat grapes, but only half of each
2. Take a taco bell taco from your friend, take a bite off of the the bottom, and then give it back.
He decided to Assert Dominance while at taco bell, because the employees wouldn't play Despacito.
by frick_I_dropped_my_cabbage December 07, 2020
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Sep 14 Word of the Day
Micro marriging is when your partner manages your personal day-to-day tasks with you much like a Micro Manager at work.
Wife: β€œHave you put the sheets out to dry and put the towels on?”
Husband: β€œYes. You know I am a grown adult also used to live alone so you do not need to micro marrige me”
by Thomas Maddocks March 16, 2018
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when you take hold of your friends cock give it a squeeze while moaning honk honk and claim it as your own, this also works in job will get the job
Donte went to the interview he dressed nicely, made sure to assert dominance and made good eye contact the whole time...he got the job
by Dadilicious Daddy January 31, 2018
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