1. Eat grapes, but only half of each
2. Take a taco bell taco from your friend, take a bite off of the the bottom, and then give it back.
He decided to Assert Dominance while at taco bell, because the employees wouldn't play Despacito.
by frick_I_dropped_my_cabbage December 7, 2020
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to assert one's dominance, you must show alpha qualities, and act as a clutch god. you need to show your strength and power over someone else, who you most likely do not appreciate.
person 1: i am very powerful
person 2: are you asserting dominance on me?
person 1: yes
by youeboom123 May 31, 2021
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When you take your friend's burrito and eat it and not letting him have it back at any cost.
Teo died attempting asserting dominance, but failed leaving his friend with a tasty burrito.
by EpicMangoWafflez May 4, 2016
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when you take hold of your friends cock give it a squeeze while moaning honk honk and claim it as your own, this also works in job interviews...you will get the job
Donte went to the interview he dressed nicely, made sure to assert dominance and made good eye contact the whole time...he got the job
by Dadilicious Daddy January 31, 2018
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When your teacher asks you to videorecord your iceskating exerciseses after you have completed the session and you are back home checking your handins after taking a shower.
You have to hand in a vidoerecording of the exact same exercisises we just performed, and I saw you execute right infront of me, even tho its too late now and the iceskating session is over and you are back in your apartment checking you mandatory tasks for the semester after taking a shower back at your apartment, so that I can assert dominance.
by brunogfin March 22, 2023
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