A term coined by the great American African scholar Dr. Umar Ifatunde Oguntade referring to African brothers or sisters who choose to engage themselves romantically with people of any other race that is not African.
by BaeofBengal June 7, 2023
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When someone from the gaming world (video games), likes to jump around like a crazy person while shooting. Some people even consider bunny hopping cheating, oh my.
Person 1: "MY GOD!!! Look at him he's hacking!!!"
Person 2: "No he's not hacking it's called bunny hopping..."
Person 1: "Oh right, samething ban him..."
by Angry Salamander November 3, 2005
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Jumping excessilvey (usually in a video game) as to make one's self harder to hit with harmful projectiles. Spending about the same amount of time on the ground as in a mid air jump during a given period.
"nice bunny hopping n00b! You cant fight me liek a real man I gues!"

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Bunny hopping is when someone hops when they walk. Bunny hopping looks very retarded and if you do it you will be laughed at.
Carter was bunny hopping his way into the bathroom at St. Joes
by Young 🐐 March 11, 2022
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A position in anal sex, where the receiving partner(bitch, bottom, catcher) is on top. The receiving partner bounces up and down on the other person's penis(or cock, or dick whichever you prefer)hence the term "bunny hopping".
Sean knew his boyfriend's ass was a "one way street" but he still felt he needed to be on top every once in a while, so he decided that bunny hopping would be an acceptable alternative to their normal routine.
by Ms. Baby Gurl March 23, 2009
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Simply means inserting a penis or any other object into a womans' vagina and then into her anus in quick , rapid succession at a pace of one "stroke"per hole .
Did you guys hear that Trey's Dad ruptured his dick while he was bunny hopping that chick from class?
by Jfizzlefoshizzle June 1, 2019
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A common glitch quake players could exploit due to poor coding, (back in the older games) that made them harder to hit, as well as allowed them to move faster. Similar glitches are strafe running, and "skiing"(Tribes games 1 and 2) These all move faster than simply walking due to either intentional or unintentional means.
Steve bunny hopped across the map. The noobs on the server were astounded by this feat of bunny hopping.
by a random Gamer January 16, 2009
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