On a pregnancy chatroom/discussion board, BF is shorthand for BREAST FEEDING
hey all you Bf-ing moms out there: is it okay if I drink coffee?
by WinnieNY February 20, 2007
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Business for myself
She's been so involving with my bf lately
by Youijl March 08, 2017
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1. Best friend
2. Boyfriend

Mostly used on Roblox to get past the censorship of boyfriend.
Definition 1: ur my bff!
Definition 2: OMG WILL U BE MY BF?
by SkeletonGuy November 14, 2018
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B**** Fit. Like in the movie White Chicks.
Oh my god, if you don't buy me those jeans, I'm going to have a BF.
by LetsHaveAParty June 06, 2005
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boyfriend. gf is girlfriend, and BF is best friend, because your best friend should always come before your significant other, regardless to your commitment level.
person 1: "what did you do this weekend?"

person 2: "oh, I went out with the bf."
by miriam February 18, 2004
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